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Filling the GAP – Granton Archive Project 2024

Did you know there used to be a circus school in North Edinburgh? Perhaps you have heard about local residents’ dynamic community activism in the 1970s and are interested in Edinburgh local history?
We have photographs, films, newspapers and much more that will bring the past alive, and we’d like to invite you to come and explore our Granton Archive Project and History Hub.

I’m Tamsin (Development Worker) and I share the History Hub with our volunteers who give their time and enthusiasm in coming up with ideas for exhibitions and workshops, sorting out the material, and staging events to tell everyone about our treasures.

We are looking for volunteers

Volunteering is a way to meet people, contribute to your local community, and share existing skills while learning new ones. At the Granton History Hub, we will welcome your involvement, whoever you are.

It could be that you have just moved to the area and would like to know more about your new home, its history and activities? Maybe, you have time on your hands and would like to make friends who are interested in the same things as you? Or perhaps you are a writer, doing a school project, or an undergraduate, MA or PhD student in history or community development who may find our History Hub useful.

Remember! If you’ve not been a volunteer before, it’s different from being a member of staff. You’re not paid in actual money, but you will get a lot in return for your valuable time, knowledge and energy. You will be welcome to all our events, free of charge, get advance booking at the cinema showings, and as much tea, coffee and biscuits as you can drink/eat. There are no qualifications necessary.

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What other areas can we focus on?
  •  People who are under-represented in the archive?

  • How can we bring the resources to life and who could we share them with?

  • What do we need to collect now in order to make sure that today’s community life is preserved for those who come after us to appreciate and enjoy?


There are a wide range of activities to be involved in, from cataloguing the archive … to helping organise events. Your ideas will always be welcome.

Our policy

Visitors and volunteers will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability and/or age. At all times, people’s feelings will be valued and respected. Language or humour that people find offensive will not be used, eg sexist or racist jokes or terminology which is derogatory to someone with a disability. No one will be harassed, abused or intimidated on the grounds of his or her race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability or age.

Practical Information

We have toilets and a kitchen where you can prepare a baby’s bottle. We also have a nice warm room and cups of tea are always on offer. Buses 16, 19, and 200 stop at the end of our road, Granton Park Avenue; there are bicycle racks behind the building; and there is plenty of free parking. Our postcode is EH5 1HS and there is a map showing our location on our website.

We do not have a creche, but your children are welcome to come with you if you do not have childcare. The Granton History Hub is in Madelvic House and we are sorry that it is not fully accessible. We do have a portable ramp to allow wheelchair and powerchair users to get into the building, which you will have access to, and once in the building there is level access and enough width in the corridors, but there is no wheelchair accessible toilet.

If you are interested and want to know more, please sign up for our newsletter or come along at any time between 1-4pm on Tuesdays  (until 30 July). Stay as long as you like - simply say ‘Hello’, or we can set you to work!

You don’t have to tell me you’re coming, but if you have any questions, you can contact me.

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