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Heritage and Art


We are delighted that 13 artists will take part in this exhibition, and their work will complement the heritage exhibition with displays on local industry, the harbour, transport and agriculture. Artists have taken inspiration from Granton’s heritage or local scenery. Feel free to pop in during the weekend of 25-26 September, between 11-4pm (until 2pm on Sunday) all the work is for sale. Please support local artists and granton:hub.


The artists included are:

Marta Adamowicz – Anna Baran – Michael Dawson – Gina Fierlafijn Reddie – Haruo Mafuji – Victor Nobis – Stephen Paterson – Anna V Philips – Ian Reddie – Lesley Skeates – Alexandrina Scarbrough – Kirsty Sutherland – Rosemary Walker

Check a preview of what’s on offer on our YouTube channel

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