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Drawing 2017

Explore drawing techniques and materials to create a lifelike portrait working from photographs.  

Bring your own photo of a family member, friend or celebrity to work from. I will also have some photos to work from.  If you do bring your own photo make sure it is a head on shot, not one where the face is obscured.

What You’ll Learn

In this class I’ll teach you how to get started drawing your own pencil portraits. We’ll cover:

  • Materials. Which materials and references will make for the best portraits.

  • Basic Sketching. How to compose your basic sketch through gesture and accurate proportions.

  • Planes. How to understand light and shade on the planes of the face.

  • Features and Forms. How to structure the forms of your subject’s eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.

  • Finishing Touches. How to capture those finishing details that will really make your portrait special.

Skill level

The course is suitable for beginners. Materials provided.

About the Artist

Trish Bryce is an artist and art educator from Edinburgh with several years experience of running workshops and classes. She has worked in the National Museum of Scotland, The Burrell Collection, Tayside Arts and Healthcare and ArtLink amongst others. She has worked with a variety of students of various skills level. She has a Masters in European Arts and a Masters in Printmaking/Painting.

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