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Art filling the GAP


Granton:hub would like to commission a visual artist as part of the recently launched ‘Filling the GAP: Granton Archive Project’ which commenced early 2023 and is based at granton:hub, Edinburgh.

The artist will work with Julie Gibb, Development Worker, and history hub volunteers to initially discuss and identify topics for exhibitions, based on the materials in the archive. These preliminary preparations will then result in the artist planning and delivering two activities inspired by Granton’s heritage. 

It is anticipated there will be 2 workshops, one aimed at children and one aimed at adults, followed by an art exhibition to be scheduled in 2023. The artworks from these activities will be photographed and will contribute to the archive.

The artist fee involved is £800 for 2 separate workshop activities,  including preparation time, in addition to a separate budget of £220 for materials. Workshops should be delivered in June or July.

Each in-person activity is expected to last half a day, for example a morning or afternoon with a group of maximum 6-10 participants, depending on activity. A carer will be available to each child. If extra preparation time at granton:hub is required then this can be arranged.

It is acceptable that a single activity will take place, split over 2 sessions, adapted to working with children and adults.

It is expected that the arts related activity will have a specific output, for example any type of visual arts but it can also be film or music or creative writing.

Outputs from each group will then be exhibited at granton:hub to which family and friends and the rest of the wider community will be invited.

To submit a proposal, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Description of your arts-related workshop activity, aimed at children and adults (max 2 A4 pages)

  2. Preparation time required for each activity. If this preparation time is at granton:hub, please give details of the time (total hours and preferred dates) and required space.

  3. CV with details on recent work should also be submitted as well as your website or social media site. This should also include a link to recent images.

  4. Any additional information or experience you have that describes your work in a heritage and/or community activity related context. This is an essential criteria to be considered for this role. (max 1 A4 page.

Before submitting please consider carefully your plans in the context of the granton:hub GAP project. 

About the GAP project

Granton:hub’s history:hub members have a great deal of grassroots knowledge about the area, and the Granton history:hub archive holds a wide range of documents, pictures, audio and video resources which record the social and cultural heritage of the area. We know that we have a lot of valuable materials here – and that there is a lot more out there to be found and documented. With ‘Filling the GAP’ Granton Archive Project, we are establishing the archive as a well-used, dynamic cultural and heritage resource that will be accessible to all. As part of this project we will offer an opportunity for an artist to create two workshops which will engage our local community in the resources available in the archive. The GAP project aims to review the history archive and this will result in a full description of the materials, creating a heritage asset for the granton:hub community. This will allow us to assess the full digitisation and digital curation potential of the physical resources we currently hold. By investing in the archive as such, we helpt to create a long lasting resource, setting the foundations for granton:hub’s future impact in the area. 

Deadline for submitting proposals is 17 May, with a decision communicated by 25 May.

We expect that the artist will attend the planned granton:hub Open Day on 27 May.

Applicants who wish to know more about the contents of the archive can contact Julie Gibb  to discuss further or arrange a visit. 

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