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This event was the third in a series of six, and the installation and event was devised specially for Madelvic House by Janis Hart, theatre designer, local resident and member of the steering group.

We’d like to thank the P7s and After School Club at Granton Primary School for working with Janis and Wendy Wager to create the beautiful, lit up, Wish Stars which looked fantastic installed in the storytelling space.

We’d also like to thank our storytellers, Moira Harvey, Fergus McNichol and Nuy from Edinburgh Language explorers. for the great stories about wishes, the past, the future and our community.

The lantern installations were made by us all at granton:hub, with some excellent assistance from Alma Lindenhovius, who is studying Stage Management at the Edinburgh School of Lighting and Stage Management. She constructed the beautiful Swan lantern, and was generally indispensable – thank you Alma!


The soundscape of voices describing their wishes past and present was created by Sam Hart, who mixed it with one of his own ambient compositions –  and it sounded fantastic.

Our stalwart bagpiper was Peter (Hall) the Piper and we are very grateful to him for piping the audience in so well, despite the low temperatures!

Thanks also to Morrisons, Granton for their sponsorship for our refreshments, and last, but not least to Willie Black for taking on the role of ‘William Peck ‘ the City Astronomer who was instrumental in setting up the Electric Car factory at the turn of the last century (and many thanks to Jo at Theatre Stuff for the loan of his costume).

Poster design by Ian Reddie, member of the steering group.

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