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Granton Stories 2024

We are pleased to report on a number of activities that have recently taken place. Some of these activities were funded through the One City Trust.

ECA heritage on the edge April 2024

ECA Workshop and public consultation

18-20 April 2024:  granton:hub hosted delegates for Edinburgh College of Art’s ‘Heritage on the Edge’ 3-day event, with representatives from Spanish, French and Edinburgh universities, in addition to Edinburgh World Heritage Trust and the National Galleries of Scotland.  (See reference here and here

Activities involved two heritage walks, presentations, workshops for all ages, visits to local organisations (Granton Station), and a travelling public consultation exhibition. ECA also took part in the RFYC Discover Sailing 2024 Open Day (5/5/2023) and the North Edinburgh Community festival (11/5/2024) to extend their consultations. 

On 20 April, members of the community were invited to state what they liked about the Granton area and feedback was collated for future reference by the University. This is a phase 2 of a European funded project for which granton:hub was a partner

Granton Youth

29 March 2024: We were pleased to host Granton Youth and artist Dominika Jackowska who were working on an Escape Game and wanted to look at our photographs and newspapers to find material they could use. They were keen to see the newspapers from the month and year of their birthday. 

The Lab Youth Project Manager had made the initial request to visit because she knew the GAP from her art workshops connection. The group 

was guided by the Development Worker and looked around the Archive to find the answers to a quiz on the Granton area. Then they looked through photos and the NEN newspapers, especially captivated by the editions which were from the year and month of their birth.


To see all photographs taken that day, check

30 April 2024: The Miniature Granton in Clay workshop was  presented by Natasha Phoenix who visited the Archive in advance and met the Development Worker. After the session, the clay results away for firing and smartening up. They were delivered back to the Granton:hub for collection by the participants.  One building from each person remained in the Archive whilst other clay figures were taken home. We are graeful for the support we received from Edinburgh Creative Communities Chest.

Miniature Granton in Clay finished work .jpg

Financially supported by One Citry Trust

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