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About granton:hub

Based in North Edinburgh, granton:hub is a place where people can meet, participate, learn, create and enjoy a range of great activities. Our base is the beautiful and historic Madelvic House, a space that’s closely linked with Granton’s rich industrial heritage. We have a growing archive of materials and objects connected to the history of the local area; and are home to a community garden that’s open for all to visit and enjoy.

Our Mission

granton:hub is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, constituted with the aim of developing a community-based creative and cultural centre in a re-purposed Madelvic House, Granton Park Avenue, Edinburgh, EH5 1HS. The resource will be a multi-use public asset for the communities of Edinburgh within the EH4 and EH5 postal districts, but will also serve the wider creative and cultural communities in general. Working in cooperation with the current owners of Madelvic House, Edinburgh Development International, granton:hub intends to implement a phased based development strategy to move towards full ownership of the building.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees manage the Hub and partner with Members and Volunteers to define its strategic direction. Each Trustee has a particular passion and area of expertise that they bring to the organisation.

Shaeron Averbuch - Chair

Paul Holmes -  Secretary

Romain Viguier - Treasurer
Willie Black - Trustee
Jonathan Grove - Trustee
Gareth Hutchinson - Trustee
Gina Gina Fierlafijn Reddie - Trustee
Tom Nelson - Trustee 
Nova ? - Volunteer 
Nancy Mcintosh - Volunteer 

Supported by Volunteers

We are Run Entirely By Volunteers

Granton Hub could not function without the incredible contribution of our volunteer's who handle everything from room booking to social media.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, please use the contact form below.

Driven by 



Promoting The Arts


You can learn more about granton:hub's arts program.


Preserving our




You can learn more about the history hub's activities.

Madelvic House

120 Years of History

Madelvic House  began as the home of the Madelvic Motor Carriage Company which, for a short period, manufactured an electric passenger vehicle (which makes them an early ancestor of the modern-day Tesla!). The building is a two-storey Victorian red-brick house with many original period features. It's the oldest surviving car factory in Britain and a National Transport Trust Heritage Site. 


500 Terry Francine St.

San Francisco, CA 94158


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